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The United Nations Environment Programme affirms that a Green Economy ” must improve the well-being of the human being and the social equity, simultaneously that reduces significantly the environmental risks “.

The Green Economy raises, among other things, that it is necessary to replace the use of fossil fuels with renewable energies, to invert in natural infrastructures, to promote the sustainability in the urban life and especially to be efficient in the use of the resources and the energy.f more concrete form we might say that it is an economy with low emission of carbon, which uses the resources of efficient form and which is socially enclosing.

From this program they clarify that the concept of ” green economy ” does not substitute that of ” sustainable development “, but they affect in that there exists an increasing recognition of which the achievement of the sustainability needs almost indispensably of possessing a suitable and correct economy.

” Nowadays there exist substantial proofs that the enverdecimiento of the economies does not prevent the creation of wealth not of opportunities “, it affirms the PNUMA.

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