Leaders in Agricultural biocontrol

Today, Idai Nature sits in fourth place worldwide in its ascent to lead the Biocontrol market in the short term. With their focus on this objective, the company’s developments are mainly directed towards research into botanical extracts and microorganisms.

What is Biocontrol?

In general terms, biocontrol refers to any strategy or use of a biological formula for the control, prevention or elimination of any pest or disease in a crop.

Agricultural biocontrol methodologies can be implemented independently or in combined strategies with conventional chemical phytosanitary products to reduce pesticide load and slow down the appearance of resistance.

Why Biocontrol?

Growing consumer interest in healthy food with minimal levels of chemicals has driven the biocontrol market’s success and positive growth over the last 15 years.

The highest quality in crop production

Environmentally and eco-friendly

Safe for the operator and for the population

Harmless to beneficial organisms and ecosystem fauna and flora

Facilitates food access to international markets

Low or zero induction of fungal or insect resistance

Ensures healthy and safe food

Low risk of phytotoxicity

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