Specialists in natural solutions

Innovative products for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables without chemical residues

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Specialists in natural solutions

Innovative products for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables without chemical residues


Idai Nature

Unique natural solutions to use with your crops

We, at Idai Nature, offer unique natural solutions to grow fruit and vegetables without any chemical residues. We use mixtures of vegetable and mineral extracts to produce totally natural agricultural inputs.


Our products

We use natural raw materials like botanical extracts and minerals to create our formulas. Their natural properties give our products a high level of effectiveness, which perfectly complements respect and care for the environment.


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Nutrition for plants and fruit.

Protection for plants.

Protection for fruit.

Our products allow farmers to cultivate crops that are profitable,

sustainable, free of harmful residues, of high quality and suitable for all markets.


Our key differentiating factor

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Our commitment

The never-ending search for absolute excellence

With certified quality and environmental performance

Top specifications with quality control to match

Our company management has adopted a strategic policy of maximum quality for all products, thereby ensuring that the items concerned conform to the strictest certification requirements. We also count on the support of the major associations in the sector.

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Latest news

Equibasic: Natural technology for controlling fungi

16 November, 2018 | Noticias | No Comments

Naturdai Equibasic is the perfect solution for all farmers who want to control the onset of fungi in their crops in a completely natural way. This product contains a horsetail…

Idai Nature launches ESQUIVE in Portugal to eradicate vine trunk diseases

15 November, 2018 | Noticias | No Comments

This is the only product capable of reducing mortality of vines due to these diseases thanks to the inclusion of Trichoderma atroviride l-1237. Idai Nature brought together more than 100…

Idai Nature presents innovative, natural products and a renewed image at its stand at the Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato

12 November, 2018 | Noticias | No Comments

STAND: 503 Discover our new pyrethrin suitable for organic farming, certified by OMRI and COFEPRIS. The most effective product for controlling whitefly in crops Over the past few years, Idai…

Idai Nature has won more awards and prizes for INNOVATION than any other company in the Spanish agricultural sector