Powdery Mildew: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease of worldwide occurrence. It is also commonly known as mildew or white dust. What causes powdery mildew? As in case of other fungi, powdery mildew germinates due to: Relative humidity between 40 and 80%; in higher humidity, the disease proliferates faster. Mild temperatures between 17 and 28 degrees; temperatures […]

Biocontrol and sustainability: ending agricultural soil contamination

The FAO estimates that agriculture is one of the dominant sources of water and soil contamination, caused by the residues from nutrients and pesticides used in agricultural activities. Approximately 30% of that waste ends up in the subsoil and oceans, leading to contamination of agricultural land and groundwater. For instance, the most common chemical pollutant […]

Idai Nature and Oro Agri present at Biopesticides Europe 2022

Biopesticides Europe 2022

The event will take place on June 8 and 9 in Brussels. Both companies will be present at Stand 4. Idai Nature, a biocontrol specialist company belonging to the Rovensa group will be present together with Oro Agri at Biopesticides Europe 2022, which takes place in Brussels. The increasing restrictions on the traditional tools used […]

ROVENSA becomes global leader in BioSolutions through the integration of COSMOCEL

COSMOCEL is a leader in specialty biostimulants with a high value-added portfolio and a consolidated commercial footprint in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa. This strategic step transforms ROVENSA into global leader in BioSolutions for sustainable agriculture, with the broadest and best-balanced portfolio of high value bionutrition, biostimulant, biocontrol, bio-adjuvant, bio-soil […]

IDAI NATURE lands in the metaverse with its innovative interactive showroom

BioAg World Congress

IDAI NATURE, the company based in Valencia and known for its incredible track record in innovation, has landed in the new virtual world by creating the IDAI METAVERSE; a complete virtual space where people in the Idai world will be able to discover the Metaverse experience in a highly realistic, highly interactive and immersive environment. […]

Idai Nature successfully closes BioAg World Congress with a guided tour of its facilities

BioAG World Congress

The Valencian company presented its interactive showroom in the metaverse and its new laboratory to all attendees.  Idai Nature, a Rovensa Group company, has successfully concluded its participation as main sponsor in the BioAg World Congress. Coinciding with the closing of the congress last Friday, the company offered all attendees, led by Pam Marrone, founder […]

Portento, the star biofungicide from Idai Nature, receives certification for the use in biodynamic agriculture

biofungicide Portento

PORTENTO® is a biological fungicide based on a new-generation strain of Bacillus subtilis IAB/BS03 with phytosanitary registration number ES-01308 Its low environmental impact has earned its authorisation for the use in biodynamic agriculture, the most sustainable farming method that exists Idai Nature, a company belonging to the Rovensa Group, has obtained authorisation for the use […]

Idai Nature commits to certified sustainable pallets

sustainable pallets

The Spanish company, which was named as the most sustainable European business by the European Commission last year, has been leading its sector in terms of sustainability for over a decade. Idai Nature is a biotech company based in Valencia that specialises in agricultural biocontrol. As part of an ongoing commitment to shifting processes over […]

Idai Nature and Grupo Agrotecnología join forces at the renowned EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA GUANAJUATO trade fair in Mexico.

EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA GUANAJUATO is famous for being the best agribusiness platform for positioning products internationally. The joint participation of Idai Nature and Grupo Agrotecnología in this event strengthens Rovensa’s Biocontrol Unit positioning. Both companies will welcome attendees of this major event at booths 914, 915, 916 and 917. Idai Nature and Grupo Agrotecnología, companies that […]