Idai Nature will visit Tech & Bio, the international agricultural trade fair, in France.

The international agricultural trade fair Tech & Bio will be held again in person on 21, 22 and 23 September in France, unveiling all the news concerning the organic farming market.

Idai Nature, a company that is part of the Rovensa group, will be present in this new edition to showcase its three latest biocontrol products registered in France: PORTENTO®, TEC-FORT® and Naturdai ELIXIR®, among other news. In addition, Idai Nature will share Stand D28 with Tradecorp, a benchmark company in the field of nutritional products and biostimulants, who is also part of the Rovensa group. This joint participation is evidence of the synergies that exist between the companies of the group and how they join forces, positioning the group higher in the balanced agriculture market.

This edition of Tech & Bio will bring together 20,500 visitors, 350 exhibitors from 20 different countries, as well as more than 100 field demonstrations. Attendees will meet to create business opportunities, debates and exclusive sessions in which all those involved in the food and agriculture sector will participate. It is a fantastic opportunity to share their experiences and their vision of organic farming.

During the three days, both Idai Nature and Tradecorp will show and give advice on their wide and competitive portfolio of natural solutions for organic farming, with the aim of strengthening relationships with their clients and creating new business relationships with companies that would like to join in their commitment to feed the population with natural and quality food, ensuring the sustainable future of our planet.


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