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Idai Nature’s Passivhaus Offices project, by the Valencian architect Rubén Muedra, is the worldwide winner of the prestigious BUILD Sustainable Building Awards

Idai Nature’s new offices in La Pobla de Vallbona have received the prestigious international award for Excellence in Sustainable Architectural Design from the BUILD Sustainable Building Awards.

These accolades distinguish architectural projects from around the world that are 100% ecological. They laud companies that ensure reduction of their carbon footprint in the environment.

“Our facilities are fully adapted to what Idai Nature pursues: smart offices that are environmentally friendly and are comfortable for the people who work in them thanks to the Passivhaus standard,” explains Carlos Ledó, Idai Nature’s CEO and founder.

The Passivhaus architectural standard is the most demanding one followed in construction. It reduces energy consumption by 80% and CO2 emissions by 90%, renews air smartly and prevents and reduces respiratory diseases. In short, these projects are sustainable and energy efficient.

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