Global Biocontrol Conference

Idai Nature, sponsor of the Global BioControl Conference 2021: Towards the Use of Biocontrol Agents.

This is the first event that Idai Nature and Oro Agri will attend together as the Rovensa Group’s Biocontrol Unit.


Next April 7 and 8, the main event for the major experts in the biocontrol industry will be held: the Global Biocontrol Conference 2021, sponsored by two Rovensa group companies, Idai Nature and Oro Agri. Due to current circumstances, this year’s conference will be 100% virtual and multi-streamed.


This important global event will be attended by the world’s best specialists in agricultural biocontrol, more than 40 highly qualified world leaders in the industry.


Idai Nature is immersed in the market of organic and sustainable farming since its inception. It is also part of the companies leading the line-up of this massive event, in which issues that directly affect the agricultural biocontrol market will be discussed. The event will discuss topics that have a direct impact on the agricultural biocontrol market, such as regulatory frameworks, registration processes, gene editing, biocontrol market dynamics, biocontrol agent formulation and packaging, etc. Efficacy and production increase methods will also be addressed.


The recent incorporation of Oro Agri to the Rovensa Group biocontrol unit highlights the host of synergies between both companies. This is why they are attending the congress together, strengthening the Rovensa brand within the biocontrol market through a joint sponsorship.

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