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The Company has just recieved a new title that gives recognition to its pathway of investigation and continuous support for Research and Development. The Minister of Economy and Competitiveness has granted the Valencian Company the title of Innovative Pyme.

Idai Nature dedicates a high percentage of its profits to develop its own lines of investigation which take place in their laboratory. “IDAI is the acronym of Investigación, Desarrollo and Innovación Agrícola (Agricultural Research, Development and Innovation), our products are unique. The support for innovation is what has allowed us to grow in these difficult years” highlights Ledó.

The Minister has taken into account the fundamental requirement to recognise with this title its brilliant activity demonstrated in the field of innovation.

The commpany receives this title of Innovative Pyme in the middle of the process of expansion and modernization of its facilities. The new space will bring more resources to the company which will result in its research role.

This recognition has been received shortly after another one, Mejor Trayectoria Empresarial 2016 (The Best Business Career 2016). This prize, that is awarded by the Generalitat Valenciana, recognises the innovation and quality of its products, international projection and the commitment to sustainable development and economic activation of the sector.

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