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The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has released Idai Nature for the second consecutive year with this certificate of carbon footprint highlighting that the company has reduced its footprint since 2015.

According to data provided by the Ministry, Idai Nature emits nearly 1,400 times less CO2 than other fertilizer manufacturers.

The commitment to respect the environment and to energy saving is every day is conducted every day of the year in Idai Nature. The company is constantly studying the areas or activities with the highest emission of greenhouse gases to implement the most appropriate actions for its reduction.

This carbon footprint certificate is a recognition of the work in the fight against climate change that this company has developed in recent years. A certification that Idai Nature shows as an environmentally responsible company brand.

Within this respectfully environmental plan of the company, a fundamental aspect is the contracting of electricity with renewable sources guarantee, i.e. the energy supply comes from 100% renewable sources.

On the other hand, the importance of training and informing employees in the existing techniques to reduce unnecessary consumption in the field of the buildings and facilities of the organization, as well as in the use of vehicles is a part of de DNA of the company.

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