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The benchmark biotech company can be found in more than 35 countries

Idai Nature’s technical team plans to hold business meetings and international meetings during the fair in Almeria, where they will show how their model is the only one that enables farmers to confront the challenges facing the agricultural sector.

The balanced agriculture concept that Idai Nature leads has arisen to feed a growing population with limited resources via a sustainable model. Idai Nature, a leading biotech company found in more than 35 countries, has become the only company with sufficient leverage to lead this new concept by way of its innovative Biocontrol and Biostimulation products.

Infoagro Exhibition is the first international fair for intensive horticultural production and its auxiliary industry in Spain and Europe. Five-hundred intensive production companies and their auxiliary industries will participate. Attendance at the event is expected to be around 40,000 professional visitors representing 20 countries.

Moreover, this year, Idai Nature has the VíaEco logo, a new logo created by the event, due to the great interest that the ecological world awakens, to identify companies that market products for organic farming or commercialize organic production.


New Website

In addition, the company will leverage this important event to present its new website and there will be a drawing for an iPad from among all the people who share their opinion, to say thank you for getting involved.

“There’s always room for improvement”, that’s how Carlos Ledó, founder and CEO of Idai Nature, explains that the web will continually be updated considering visitors’ proposals for bettering it. “The user’s experience is very important for us. We need to receive feedback from the people who browse the web and use it”, Ledó affirmed.

Would you like to attend?

Idai Nature is making invitations to the event available to anyone who wishes to visit (STAND 630, SECOND FLOOR). They can be requested by sending an email to

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