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Idai Nature sponsors the first Plant Bioprotection Forum, an event dedicated to biological control that takes place at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and brings together professionals dedicated to crop health and professionals in the agri-food sector.

Idai Nature, a Valencian company, and leader in natural solutions for Biocontrol, has sponsored the event as a benchmark company in terms of knowledge and advances achieved in recent years. In addition, it will be a good opportunity to focus on future trends that enable us to continue advancing in the creation of new strategies for biological control of pests and diseases.

Javier Bernabeu, Idai Nature’s Marketing Director is part of the top notch scientific-technical committee for ensuring the success of all the presentations during the Plant Protection Forum on 13 and 14 June.

In the first Plant Bioprotection Forum, the objective will be to discuss “Biological Control in integrated pest management in Mediterranean crops”, a key issue for any company dedicated to pest management. It is expected that the attendees, producers, representatives of the industry, etc. can debate and discuss the solutions that biological control brings to 21st century agriculture.

Idai Nature

Idai Nature, known internationally for its innovative capacity, produces biocontrol products. Found in more than 35 countries, they develop, manufacture and market products based on botanical and mineral extracts for farmers who want to wager on profitable, sustainable, balanced and forward-looking agriculture.

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