Idai Nature launches Vital Biodynamics

Idai Nature launches VITAL Biodynamics, a specific line for biodynamic farming

The Spanish biotech company deepens its commitment to sustainable agriculture by offering natural solutions with FIBL certification

Idai Nature, a company specialized in the manufacture of natural solutions for agricultural biocontrol, has launched this week to the market its specific line for biodynamic farming with FIBL certification: VITAL Biodynamics.

Biodynamic farming is a type of agriculture that bases its activity on placing a farm’s living components into an interrelated whole that balances nutrient availability between agricultural production and other elements that coexist in the farm, with the aim of working the land in the most respectful way possible.

By launching VITAL Biodynamics to the market, Idai nature has become the first international company to incorporate a line aimed exclusively to biodynamic farming, responding to the requirements of the society that demands food to be grown as naturally as possible. The main markets in which food with the Demeter seal, the symbol of biodynamic farming, is required are the countries of Northern Europe, such as Germany, Finland and Iceland, among others.

Since its origin, Idai Nature has offered farmers natural solutions without chemical residues. For this reason, many of the products in the company’s general catalog have been certified as FIBL without the need to adapt their formulas, highlighting the respect for the environment and the sustainability that this Valencian company boasts.

About Idai Nature

Idai Nature is a Spanish biotech company specialized in the development and manufacture of microbial products and innovative botanical extracts with biofungicidal, biobactericidal and/or bioinsecticidal effect. Since 2018, it has been part of the Rovensa Business Group, leading its Agricultural Biocontrol unit.

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