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 title=From 10 to May 12, 2013 FAME celebrates its 28th edition at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of IFEPA in Torre Pacheco (Murcia). The Mediterranean Agricultural Fair is confirmed as a true innovation contest, with focus and meeting point for the entire industry nationwide. IFEPA becomes the natural choice to show the great development that is occurring in the agricultural sector, where leading firms in the moment together the latest news in this area and the technological alternatives appropriate for each type of producer. An important meeting of the national industry and a real scenario of technical, product and art machinery that attracts over 30,000 people during the three days of celebration.
The Mediterranean Agricultural Fair is the oldest and flagship of all those held in IFEPA. It is an accredited biannual event, which has become a must and so demonstrates the high level of fidelity both participating firms, professional visitors. This show manages to provide exhibitors and visitors not only a business opportunity but also ample options to obtain useful information.
For three days, agriculture is represented in FAME. Companies participating in FAME 2013 have the best brands and best sellers in our country in terms of machinery, accessories, techniques, water, livestock, landscaping, offering the latest advances and developments in agriculture and livestock.
The Mediterranean Agricultural Fair is a great promotional tool that lets you use the five senses to promote products. It can, look, touch, look, smell, taste and test the reactions of the market to new products. The Trade Fair and Exhibition IFEPA becomes during those days in the center of meeting of suppliers, distributors, sellers, investors, etc. Spanish Southeast and provides quick access to new market information.
Besides business, FAME is characterized as a discussion forum and a meeting place, thanks to the round tables and technical seminars that take place.
This event is not only a must for professionals, but who wants to be a meeting place for the general public as it is also intended that all people who come to the shows, meet agricultural potential. And it focuses on a period of reduced time and space, the widest range of products and services that firms linked to the agricultural and livestock sectors allowing you to make contact with a large number of customers and prospects.

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