Idai Nature at the forefront of European innovation in Biocontrol

Idai Nature has considerably increased its innovative potential and is currently developing products based on novel botanical extracts with a biofungicide, biobactericide and / or bioinsecticide character.

Many of the research projects they are currently carrying out are international in scope. This is the case of the LIFE WASTE4GREEN Project, approved by the European Commission, which was created to demonstrate the efficacy of two safe, sustainable and ecological formulations of natural origin. The active ingredients of the two formulations are going to be obtained from agro-industrial residues, which will make it possible to replace the pesticides of chemical origin currently used in stone fruit for the control of pests and diseases.

Furthermore, Idai Nature is also part of a new European project, AZMUD, which aims to reduce water, energy, nutrients and pesticides, while promoting the use of wastewater in irrigation for agri-food systems.

These projects, which have the backing of the European Union, represent an impetus for Idai Nature in the development of innovative, natural and low-environmental impact products, placing it in the European elite of companies that are committed to research and innovation.

At the national level, its R + D + i team highlights that they are currently part of a pioneering research (VITINNAT), to end the problems of vine wood naturally. In addition, the GREENPROTECT Project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the CDTI, has recently completed, which has successfully developed a revolutionary process that converts the waste generated by tomato cultivation into a bioprotection product.


Balanced Agriculture

The incorporation of Idai Nature to the Rovensa Group has provided this company with a privileged position that allows it to continually offer farmers novelties that cover all their needs.

Therefore, the innovative commitment of this company is clearly focused on achieving a Balanced Agriculture, a concept that the Rovensa Group leads and that arises to feed a growing population with limited resources through a more sustainable model of agriculture.


Por ello, la apuesta innovadora de esta empresa está claramente enfocada a logar una Agricultura Equilibrada, un concepto que lidera el Grupo Rovensa y que surge para alimentar a una población creciente con recursos limitados a través de un modelo de agricultura más sostenible.

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