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“Take a Leap into Balanced Agriculture”


Montaner will be raising the awareness of farmers about the importance of being committed to healthier, more sustainable agriculture


“ “I know that being a high-performance athlete means 365 days a year, and it’s the same for farmers”, says Concha Montaner, the internationally renowned Spanish athlete, who this year will be at the Idai Nature and Tradecorp stand at Fruit Attraction to raise the awareness of farmers about the importance of “taking the leap” into balanced agriculture.

“We are increasingly demanding when buying healthy, safe food. That is why farmers must fight not to be left behind in this race towards a new kind of agriculture”. That is how Montaner explains the similarity between her experience and the challenge facing the agriculture sector

The long jumper, who achieved a personal best outdoor jump of 6.92 metres, will be offering talks at the stand in which she will explain the key factors that have enabled her to compete in 4 Olympic Games and stay at the highest competitive level for over 14 years.
Balanced agriculture is the result of respect by humans for the environment they inhabit and, consequently, of market demand, which no longer accepts just production and consumption, but demands that it be done according to a green, sustainable philosophy. “We want to convey to farmers that now is the time to take the leap, and that we will always be there to guide them” explains Carlos Ledó, the CEO of Idai Nature.
The Idai Nature and Tradecorp stand will also be offering a themed area that will allow visitors to climb onto a podium with Montaner and take a souvenir photograph featuring her medals.





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