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IDAI NATURE lands in the metaverse with its innovative interactive showroom

IDAI NATURE, the company based in Valencia and known for its incredible track record in innovation, has landed in the new virtual world by creating the IDAI METAVERSE; a complete virtual space where people in the Idai world will be able to discover the Metaverse experience in a highly realistic, highly interactive and immersive environment.

The new virtual space, which has been designed by RUBEN MUEDRA ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA (the studio behind the innovative project to build the company’s offices four years ago) and its Virtual Architecture Department (, has been created using the Unreal Engine game engine by EPIC GAMES and is supported on OCULUS VR. Virtual visitors to the company can explore its Hall, Meeting Rooms, Showroom and Virtual Customer Services Area with the utmost level of realism and live interaction between users, both company staff and other visitors from anywhere in the world.

Within the IDAI METAVERSE, visitors can enjoy a guided virtual tour of the Showroom with company staff (Multiplayer environment) during which it is possible to interact with such audiovisual elements as Monitors or the Video-Wall, with such technical elements as Lighting or Sound, and with such objects as Raw Material Recipients, Trophies or product Containers. For example, virtual visitors can pick up any of the Trophies in the Display Cabinet to take a closer look at them, move them around and even throw them. Similarly, virtual meetings can be held in the Meeting Rooms between members of the Idai Team and invited guests, while the Virtual Customer Services Area means that Distributors or Clients can enjoy complete interactivity with the company staff helping them.

The next stages of development by for the IDAI METAVERSE project will allow visitor capacity to be increased so that events can be held for large crowds, and the integration of e-commerce into the Metaverse itself, thus confirming the strong commitment to innovation from this company in Valencia.

About Idai Nature

Idai Nature ( is a biotechnology company based in Valencia (Spain) that was set up in 2009 by Carlos Ledó and specialises in the development and manufacture of products based on micro-organisms and botanical extracts, mainly biofungicides, biobactericides and/or bioinsecticides. Since 2018, the company has formed part of the Rovensa Business Group and leads its agricultural biocontrol unit.


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