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Combine leisure travel with the care of the environment is possible. Ecotourism is an alternative to traditional tourism in which sustainability, preservation and appreciation of the natural and cultural environment is a priority for the traveler. The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution recognizing ecotourism as a key element fighting poverty, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. The resolution states that “ecotourism creates significant opportunities for conservation, protection and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural areas, to encourage local and indigenous communities in countries that are already tourists to preserve and respect the natural and cultural ‘heritage.


Ecotourism is responsible to the following principles:

Minimize negative impacts to the environment and the community, generating the activity.

Respect and build environmental and cultural awareness.

Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.

Provide direct financial benefits for conservation.

Provide financial benefits and strengthen participation in decision making of the local community.

Create sensitivity to the political, environmental and social climate in the host countries.

Supporting universal human rights and labor laws.

It is an ideal for a holiday with family or friends to share authentic rural experiences, where rest and tranquility become compatible with discover other ways of living in nature alternative.

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