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The Idai Nature Bioinsecticides Chair at the Polytechnic University of Valencia will promote analysis of the role of biopesticides in the agriculture of today and tomorrow on March 14 in the auditorium of the Advanced Agricultural Engineering School of Valencia.

The use of chemical pesticides for pest and crop disease control has come under increasing criticism due to its potentially negative effects on humans and the environment. Biopesticides, on the other hand, are an effective and natural alternative to chemical-based methods.

Thus, the first day organised by the Idai Nature Chair analyses the current regulations in this area and the future of them for Spanish agriculture, given that they are widespread measures on most farms.

The event offered an overview from the point of view of producers and different regulatory bodies, with the intention of promoting the widespread use of these types of healthier products and providing a glimpse at the regulatory situation that will affect them in the future.

The day, aimed at professionals in the Agriculture sector, and Agriculture and Environment students, boasts prestigious experts in the field: Dr. Jaime Primo Millo, Professor of Chemistry at the UPV; Mr. Jose Antonio Rico, President of the Committee on Ecological Agriculture in the Valencia Community (CAECV): Mr. Juan Salvador Torres, General Secretary of the Valencian Association of Farmers (AVA-ASAJA); and Mr. Valentín Almansa de Lara, General Director for Healthy Agricultural Production at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment.

* Free event. Those interested in attending should send an email to with their personal data. Limited capacity, registration on a first come, first served basis.

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