BioAG World Congress

Idai Nature successfully closes BioAg World Congress with a guided tour of its facilities

The Valencian company presented its interactive showroom in the metaverse and its new laboratory to all attendees. 

Idai Nature, a Rovensa Group company, has successfully concluded its participation as main sponsor in the BioAg World Congress. Coinciding with the closing of the congress last Friday, the company offered all attendees, led by Pam Marrone, founder of Marrone Bioinnovatios and Roger Tripathi, Organizing Committee of the congress, a guided tour of its Passive House offices and presented its innovative interactive Showroom with its version in the metaverse. Attendees were able to experience first-hand the experience of visiting, and even touching, a virtual space hosted in the metaverse. 

In addition, Idai Nature showed the attendees its new laboratory with the most disruptive technology to remain at the forefront of innovation as it has been doing since its foundation. 

The visit ended at its experimental farm Naturalia, where the guests were able to learn more about how Idai Nature’s developments are tested, as well as two efficacy demonstrations, one linked to the Life Waste4Green project, for the reduction of chemical pesticides, and the other related to the efficacy of the Orocide product by OroAgri’s technical team. 

It is worth highlighting the high level of participation registered in the congress during the three days, which came to be a great scenario to materializing business opportunities and showing the involvement of Idai Nature in the sustainable agriculture sector. 

About Idai Nature 

Idai Nature is a biotechnology company based in Valencia (Spain) that was set up in 2009 by Carlos Ledó and specialises in the development and manufacture of products based on micro-organisms and botanical extracts including biofungicides, bioacaricides and/or bioinsecticides. Since 2018, the company has been a part of the Rovensa business group and leads its agricultural biocontrol unit which also includes Agrichem Bio and Grupo Agrotecnología.


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