IDAI BROTAVERD increases the quality and quantity of kilos of your crops

Idai Nature, based on a strong R + D + i, after exhaustive tests in the laboratory and field trials in various crops has developed IDAI BROTAVERD, obtaining the highest quality certifications.
IDAI BROTAVERD, is an up and down naturally bioestimulante systemic action that favors the formation of phenolic compounds self-defense as the formation of phytoalexins and phenolic sap. Due to the high concentration of lignosulfonate ALUMINUM unique in the market, acts as a vasodilator, promotes translocation of heavier such as Calcium elements and prevents this fisiopatías way due to the translocation of said element as is the case apical rot, so typical vegetable.
BROTAVERD IDAI has been used in many crops, satisfactory results even under stress for the plant as mentioned above.
Using IDAI BROTAVERD regularly get a better balance in the crop, a good floral differentiation and fruit, keep the production per hectare in times of low solar radiation and greater root mass in the wet bulb.
IDAI BROTAVERD having an acid pH, has good compatibility with most products on the market, and can be applied both foliar and root.

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