Biopesticides of plant origin

Plants that heal plants

Many metabolites produced by plants are the result of the evolution of the species to adapt to the environment and have a better chance of survival. Some of these natural molecules increase the strength of the plants themselves against situations of abiotic and biotic stress and also help them to repel or create a deterrent effect against certain pathogens that cause them damage.

These substances favor other defense mechanisms of plants such as the strengthening of the cell wall or the ability to inhibit the development and penetration of pathogens in the leaf.

The Mediterranean territory has a wide wealth of plants that we can use for these purposes, some introduced and many indigenous. These plants represent a solution to keep pests away without causing damage to other plants, the environment or other beneficial organisms.

The use of biopesticides provides added value to crops (improves quality and yield), allows farmers to access the most demanding international markets and, above all, contributes to the development of a more sustainable agriculture since they are completely respectful of the environment.

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