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The role that biostimulants play in the challenges faced by present and future world agriculture is increasingly important. Therefore, many products have emerged under the umbrella of biostimulation that claim to be miraculous, but are all biostimulants equally effective? – Obviously not.

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For this reason, Idai Nature, a pioneer enterprise in agricultural research, has decided to go a step further in this direction and launch the Precision Biostimulant seal to offer farmers confidence in the efficacy of the products they purchase.

“Anyone can study the literature, know the effects of certain substances in plants, mix and apply them, but that does not guarantee any success”, states Joan Villanova, project head and coordinator.

Idai Nature carries out exhaustive studies using genetic and molecular tools to guarantee that their biostimulants have maximum effectiveness via a precise balance between raw material, formulation and application.

“Just as depending on which keys you play on a piano, you create one melody or another, so, depending on the genes you activate in the plant you will develop a different response,” Vilanova explains.

This project determines the plant’s genetic pattern that triggers the stimulation; in this way, the science and genetics of biostimulants are used to determine the metabolic pathway that must be activated depending on the result one wants to achieve.
Therefore, the “Precision Biostimulant” seal enables farmers to identify genetically tested products that guarantee an optimal formulation, and meticulously studied doses and application times and, in short, the specific response that the product claims to have.

This project is called AGRIGEN and is made up of 3 entities: Idai Nature, the genetics department of the Miguel Hernández University and the sequencing company Lifesequencing.

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