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Idai Nature, based on a strong R + D + i, after exhaustive tests in the laboratory and field trials in various crops has developed IDAI B AMINO, obtaining the highest quality certifications.
IDAI B AMINO is a specific foliar fertilizer for the olive thanks to its high content of left-handed amino acids short chain vegetable production and improving quality. Used during early budding cycle promotes the formation of flowers and fruit set of olive.
It is a source of trace boron (B) and iron (Fe) accompanied with vegetable amino acids, is formulated especially for crops with high needs for such items as olive, almond and walnut.
Idai Nature makes its products through the mixture of plant extracts and minerals. Thus generate completely natural inputs that allow farmers to grow profitably safe food, high quality and suitable for all markets.
It also offers a consultancy service specializing agronomic and free to meet the need for information and advice from all those farmers interested in meeting the needs of their crops from natural and sustainable way.
Their technicians are studying the particular needs of each crop and offer custom action protocol that includes the diagnosis, treatment and in some cases marketing assistance.
Nature Idai technicians offer farmers the opportunity to increase their profitability by opening new markets in which to market high quality health food, for mass consumption at a competitive price.


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