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Idai Nature through its chief export has visited Algeria (25 to 31 October) to boost its production subsidiary in this country. Together with our partner we analyze the evolution of 2014 and plan to work for 2015. The production plant is operational.

In the Algerian market, there are two main factors that make a purchase of any product of agricultural technology: the price and quality, linking the brand quality and previous experience you have with the exporting company. For products with high technological level, Algerian customers attach importance to specialist after sales services and guarantees offered by the company.

After agricultural workshops, organizational and financial nature, visits to retailers / distributors were also conducted in the north of Algeria and Algiers – Rouiba – Boumerdes – Ain Taya – Blida – Khemis Miliana – The Attaf – Rouina

They all comments retailers / distributors were based on efficiency and quality of products and the price was right for the market, which helps rapid market introduction.

Agriculture Algeria described in these numbers,
Total cultivated area: 5.3 million Ha
4.0 Wheat / Barley / Forage
0.6 Fruit / Citrus / Palm / Vineyards / Olive
0.5 Vegetables
0.2 Potatoes / Pulses

With these numbers indicates a country field to work.


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