Specialists in natural solutions

Innovative products for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables without chemical residues

Team work is what makes the difference

Correct understanding is the basis of our growth

We work to make the most of talent

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Specialists in natural solutions

Innovative products for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables without chemical residues


A committed team

The key is turning a set of great individuals into a great team

Idai Nature is made up of people committed to the company’s philosophy and objectives. Our employees operate at the very highest levels to ensure that our customers identify with what our products contribute: top quality and maximum efficiency, coupled with economic viability and commitment to public health and the environment.

We invest constantly in the workforce here at Idai Nature to ensure that our employees are always trained to the latest standards. We also organise outdoor events and adventures designed to strengthen and promote team spirit. In fact we consider our team to be our main business asset.

Team spirit

We promote team spirit at Idai Nature by organising joint events that involve all our human resources, both in the form of collective outdoor adventures and as motivational sessions held on our premises for all employees to attend. We know that a proper functioning company depends on the motor of its success: its team of employees. Our management team takes great care to provide the training and material resources that each employee needs in order to fulfil the standards applying to his or her individual job, thereby helping to enhance the value of the workforce and, ultimately, of the company itself.

Soluciones naturales y ecológicas para agricultura | Equipo Idai

Taking care of team-motivation : Reilusionarse workshop by Luís Galindo

Idai Nature Team with Luís Galindo

Gift to Idai Nature Team from one of their customer

Calçotada for Idai Nature team

Team-sense as company added value

Idai Nature International

The internationalisation of Idai Nature is likewise in the hands of our team, with activities that range from support visits and training sessions supplied by our technical department to customers based overseas to the design and erection of exhibition stands at the trade events that we attend both at home and abroad. Good relationships and synergy between our technical, creative communications, production and administration departments, for example, are vital to our commercial success in these respects.

Japanese visit to the Albufera (Valencia)

Ghana in Valencia

Idai Nature in Fruitlogistica 2015

Idai Nature in Argentina

Idai Nature and sport

Idai Nature is concerned with health, both internal – in terms of what we eat – and external – by the value that we place on physical exercise and a feeling for the need to excel. One sign of this is our proactive commitment to sport, which includes our own triathlon team and the support that we provide to sporting teams at both a domestic and international level, such as the football team of the School of Agricultural Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia or the youth team of Culiacán in Mexico, which is sponsored by Idai Nature America.

Idai Nature América sposors the Culiacán-Mexico Football Team, creating healthy habits to young people.

Tarck team Idai Nature

Idai Nature at the Castellón Triathlon, 2015

Idai Nature sponsors ETSIA-UPV football team