IdaiNature: Biostimulant and Biocontrol products

Idai Line

The IDAI line includes products for nutrition and plant biostimulation. Fertilization via these natural solutions ensures they are friendly for crops, consumers and their surroundings. In this line you can find, among others, organic fertilizers, ecological fertilizers, rooting agents, biostimulants and micro and macroelement deficiency correctors.

Naturdai Line

The NATURDAI line covers basic substances and other specific formulations based on plant and mineral extracts with biofungicidal and/or eliciting capacity.
All NATURDAI solutions are suitable for use in organic, conventional or zero-residue agriculture. They are highly effective and don’t create resistance; they are free of chemical residues and are safe for people and crops.

Vegex Line

The VEGEX line is composed of natural solutions formulated from plant extracts that strengthen plants against external agents. The synergistic mixture of different bioactive components exhibits useful properties in helping plants mitigate certain pests. These are products that have no pre-harvest interval, and are suitable for all types of agriculture, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Micronat Line

The MICRONAT line includes products formulated with beneficial microorganisms as their basis, as well as derivatives of microbial fermentation. Among the benchmark products in this line are PGPR type bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi that improve soil quality and plant nutrition. MICRONAT is also composed of other products based on fungi such as Trichodermas, which act as biofungicides and are aimed at protecting crops in an ecological and sustainable way.

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