Premium Range: Highly assimilable mineral fertilization with maximum agricultural efficiency

Premium Range

Highly assimilable mineral fertilization with maximum agricultural efficiency

The PREMIUM range includes highly assimilable liquid mineral fertilizers with maximum efficiency thanks to the incorporation of HPC Nanotechnology®, a state-of-the-art product formulation technology developed by Idai Nature. HPC Nanotechnology® is based on unique combinations of polycarboxylic acids with the ability to complex molecules and create new stable organic structures related to plant tissues. 

Among the benefits of incorporating HPC Nanotechnology® into the formulation of the PREMIUM range fertilizers is the complete absorption of nutritional elements, the boosting of assimilation mechanisms and the optimization of nutrient transport. This technology involves a combination of nutritional balances that maximizes the profitability of all types of crops with minimal environmental impact.

Nitrium Premium Range

AbonoFERTILIZER RD 999/2017
Nitrogen (N) 32-0-0 complexed with HPC Nanotechnology

Phosphorum Premium Range

AbonoFERTILIZER RD 999/2017
Phosphorus (P2 O5) 0-50-0 complexed with HPC Nanotechnology

Potassium Premium Range

AbonoFERTILIZER RD 999/2017

Potassium (KO) 0-0-40 complexed with HPC Nanotechnology

Nitrocalcium Premium Range

AbonoFERTILIZER RD 999/2017
Nitrogen (N) 8.2% w/w + Calcium (Ca) 13.0% w/w complexed with HPC Nanotechnology

Magnesium Premium Range

AbonoFERTILIZER RCE2003/2003
Sulfur (SO3) 13.0% w/w + Magnesium (MgO) 6.0% w/w, complexed with HPC Nanotechnology

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