Equibasic: Natural technology for controlling fungi

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Naturdai Equibasic is the perfect solution for all farmers who want to control the onset of fungi in their crops in a completely natural way.
This product contains a horsetail extract (2%), a basic substance authorized throughout European, which contains a high percentage of silicon, which creates a physical barrier that prevents penetration of fungus mycelium into the plant.
It is a highly effective tool for preventing and controlling diseases such as mildew, alternaria and rust and is authorized for use in horticultural, fruit, berries and vine crops.
Silica reduces moisture because it is extremely hygroscopic, which eliminates the development conditions of the fungus. In short, Equibasic is the ideal product for those farmers who want to reduce the use of synthetic fungicides and need an effective natural product with an antifungal effect.

Control de hongos

Control de hongos

Idai Nature launches ESQUIVE in Portugal to eradicate vine trunk diseases

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This is the only product capable of reducing mortality of vines due to these diseases thanks to the inclusion of Trichoderma atroviride l-1237.
Idai Nature brought together more than 100 experts in viticulture from the north and south of Portugal for the launch event of ESQUIVE, the most effective phytosanitary product of biogenic origin for controlling vine trunk diseases.

These diseases, especially esca, eutyposis and BDA, considered by many as the “phylloxera of modern times”, as well as having a very negative effect on production quality and quantity, put the life of the strain itself at risk.
ESQUIVE is the only product capable of reducing vine mortality from these diseases thanks to its inclusion of Trichoderma atroviride l-1237.
For all these reasons, among the guests to the event were the country’s main wine companies, nurseries, representatives of associations of winemakers and universities.
In addition, the event was attended by a sponsor of an exception, Mr. Julián Palacios, international expert in Viticulture, owner and Technical Director of the company, Julián Palacios-Viticultura Viva.
“Without a doubt, this is a product that will make life much easier for wine growers.”

Idai Nature presents innovative, natural products and a renewed image at its stand at the Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato

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  • STAND: 503
  • Discover our new pyrethrin suitable for organic farming, certified by OMRI and COFEPRIS. The most effective product for controlling whitefly in crops

Over the past few years, Idai Nature has striven to continue in the vanguard of research, innovation and the development of new inputs for agriculture. As a result of this work, Idai Nature has the safest and most effective products on the market.
Proof of this is its new pyrethrin suitable for organic farming, certified by OMRI and COFEPRIS, which has become the most effective product for controlling whitefly in crops, while being environmentally friendly.
SANTEM’s maximum efficacy is the result of a perfect balance of precision between raw material and formulation. (Request information: portfolioidai@idainature.com)
All this work has placed Idai Nature at the forefront in terms of innovation in the market and has made it an international benchmark in agronomic consulting.
Idai Nature provides fundamental added value that differentiates it from its competitors. It has a specialized technical department that offers its customers personalized service. This means that they can diagnose the pest, provide them with treatment and even help with the commercialization.
“On many occasions, we facilitate contact between producers and purchasers; in this way, we enhance our customers’ satisfaction and foster their growth”, says Carlos Ledó, the company’s CEO.
It should also be noted that Idai Nature has renewed the brand image of all its ranges and product lines. New logos, labels, technical sheets and so on. This restyling introduces a more colorful and contemporary visual style.
This change does not mean a break with past, but a continuation with which the company intends to transmit the image of an experienced company that looks to the future with the challenge of continuing to grow.

Expo Agroalimentaria

Expo Agroalimentaria

Ten conclusions on the mechanism of action of biostimulants

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The day began with a presentation by Doctor Patrick Du Jardin, a major, world renowned scientist in the field of bio-stimulation

The Bioinsecticides – Idai Nature Chair of the UPV has organized a seminar with top notch speakers with the aim of delving deeper into the physiological mechanisms and underlying metabolism by which biostimulants enable increased tolerance to situations of abiotic stress, thus promoting their development.
These are the 10 main conclusions:
1. Initially, biostimulants were defined as: products applied to plants to increase crop yields and quality. Their main function was not to supply nutrients (like fertilizers do) or to protect plants from pathogens and pests (like protection products do).

2. Biostimulants have several natures:
a. Substances (humic substances, plant extracts, hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids, chitosan and other polysaccharides and inorganic compounds)
b. Microorganisms (Bacteria and fungi)

3. The EU draft on fertilizers regulated by the EU, defines the concept of ‘Biostimulant’ as:
“A biostimulant is a product that stimulates plant nutrition processes regardless of the product’s nutrient content and the sole objective of which is to improve one or more of the following plant characteristics or the plant’s rhizosphere”:
a. Efficiency in use of nutrients (NUE).
b. Tolerance to abiotic stress.
c. Quality characteristics.

4. Nutrient use efficiency. Biostimulants can increase it via root growth, nutrient solubilization, nutrient input, translocation and nutrient distribution, modifying photosynthetic capacity, stress tolerance, etc.

5. Tolerance to abiotic stress; it can have three different mechanisms of action:
a. Occurs when faced with stress (activation of the ‘priming’ system)
b. During stress
c. After stress (recovery).
An increase in yield is expected when plants experience stress and no decrease in yields is expected in the absence of such stress.

6. Quality characteristics, which will be manifested in pre- and post-harvest or via regulation of primary and secondary metabolism.

7. The main challenges faced by biostimulants are:
a. Scientific: understanding the mechanisms of action of biostimulants, their interaction with plants and other environmental factors. In addition, it is necessary to close the gap between laboratory data and field data.
b. Technical: guarantee the effectiveness in the field and develop an adequate management together with the farmers, inserting the biostimulants in a framework of “precision agriculture”.
c. Regulatory: create comprehensive, scientifically-based regulations that facilitate access to the market and guarantee products’ safety and efficacy.

8. Biostimulants are activators of plants’ physiological processes, but greater knowledge of them is still required to attribute the importance they deserve within the market.

9. Mycorrhizae present the following benefits:
a. Enhance uptake of mineral nutrients from soil (P).
b. Provide greater tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses
c. Facilitate the movement of nutrients
d. Improve soil physical-chemical properties of the soil.
e. Improve rooting and establishment of plants
f. Promote the diversity of plant communities.

10. Mycorrhizae are essential components for enhancing the resilience of plants against forms of stress induced by climate change: drought, temperature, salinity, pollution, deficit of nutrients and diseases and pests

Idai Nature y Tradecorp patrocinan WIFI gratuito para todos los visitantes de Fruit Attraction 2018

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Idai Nature and Tradecorp sponsor free Wi-Fi for all visitors to Fruit Attraction 2018


Idai Nature and Tradecorp, Spanish biotech companies, continue wagering together on innovation and new technologies by sponsoring the first free Wi-Fi service for the country’s most important agricultural fair: Fruit Attraction.
This pioneering service, which will support more than 64,000 simultaneous connections, “Fits in perfectly with the core business of these two companies: continual innovation”, said Carlos Ledó, Idai Nature’s CEO.
Fruit Attraction will be one of the first fairs to benefit from the new free Wi-Fi service thanks to the ambitious renovation project of the entire wireless connection infrastructure covered by IFEMA.
Idai Nature has explained that a vocation for service and customer orientation is what has led them to become the international benchmark for balanced farming. “We want to demonstrate to farmers by way of this sponsorship that they and our vocation for our customers is always the most important thing for us”, Ledó concluded.




Idai Nature receives the Premio PYME del Año (SME of the Year Award) in Internationalization

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Idai Nature has received the SME of the Year Award in Internationalization granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and Banco Santander and with the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.


The organization has decided to grant this award to Idai Nature due to the large growth in its turnover abroad, and for the presence of its exports in 35 countries, especially given its short history, since with its latest technology for inputs for residue-free agriculture, it has managed to penetrate many markets that demand effective natural solutions to the challenges posed by this essential human activity.
Its founder, Carlos Ledó, highlighted the importance of this recognition based on the prestige of the granting institutions and entities, and gave special mention to the team of people that make up IDAI NATURE, because of their constant quest for excellence. Likewise, he thanked Banco de Santander for accompanying the enterprise throughout its entire history, and for making a firm commitment to an innovative project linked to sustainability and food health. Lastly, he referred to the importance of the Community of Valencia as a first-rate, innovative power in Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Bioeconomics, and its commitment to being a national and international benchmark in these areas.
The SME of the Year Awards seek to recognize the performance of small and medium-sized businesses, the activity of which is essential for creating employment and wealth and that, with their commitment and hard work, make that possible.


The Idai Nature UPV Bioinsecticides Chair analyses the mechanisms of action of biostimulants for vegetable production

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The conference begins with a speech by Patrick Du Jardin, one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of biostimulation


The Idai Nature UPV Bioinsecticides Chair at the Technical University of Valencia will be promoting research into the mechanisms of action of biostimulants for vegetable production on 8th November at the conference hall of the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineers.

There is currently great interest from the agricultural sector to find out more about new solutions and technologies that maximise the performance of crops and allow farmers to stand out from their competitors.

Therefore, the objective of this conference is to study the genetic mechanisms and underlying molecules through which biostimulants enhance the growth of plants and their tolerance in situations of stress.

The conference begins with a speech by Patrick Du Jardin, one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of biostimulation. As the author and researcher of over 200 scientific studies he is recognised for his work by institutions and universities all over the world, which, along with his doctorate, from the Gembloux Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Liege (Belgium), give Patrick Du Jardin his prestigious professional reputation.

The second speech will be given by Nuria Ferrol González, a scientific researcher from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) with extensive experience in the sector and who specialises in the study of molecular mechanisms for the transport of nutrients in arbuscular mycorrhizae.

“Being aware of the mechanisms of action of biostimulants is vital in developing more effective formulations and accurately advising on their use, which is why it is vital to study it in detail at this conference”, explains Carlos Ledó, the CEO of Idai Nature.


Idai Nature and Tradecorp to be boosted by the presence of the Olympic athlete Concha Montaner

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“Take a Leap into Balanced Agriculture”


Montaner will be raising the awareness of farmers about the importance of being committed to healthier, more sustainable agriculture


“ “I know that being a high-performance athlete means 365 days a year, and it’s the same for farmers”, says Concha Montaner, the internationally renowned Spanish athlete, who this year will be at the Idai Nature and Tradecorp stand at Fruit Attraction to raise the awareness of farmers about the importance of “taking the leap” into balanced agriculture.

“We are increasingly demanding when buying healthy, safe food. That is why farmers must fight not to be left behind in this race towards a new kind of agriculture”. That is how Montaner explains the similarity between her experience and the challenge facing the agriculture sector

The long jumper, who achieved a personal best outdoor jump of 6.92 metres, will be offering talks at the stand in which she will explain the key factors that have enabled her to compete in 4 Olympic Games and stay at the highest competitive level for over 14 years.
Balanced agriculture is the result of respect by humans for the environment they inhabit and, consequently, of market demand, which no longer accepts just production and consumption, but demands that it be done according to a green, sustainable philosophy. “We want to convey to farmers that now is the time to take the leap, and that we will always be there to guide them” explains Carlos Ledó, the CEO of Idai Nature.
The Idai Nature and Tradecorp stand will also be offering a themed area that will allow visitors to climb onto a podium with Montaner and take a souvenir photograph featuring her medals.




Idai Nature is involved in pioneering investigation to naturally eradicate problems caused by grapevine trunk diseases

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  • • Idai Nature is part of the Vitinnat Operational Group, co-financed between the European Union and the Ministry of Agriculture

Trunk diseases are one of the greatest concerns of winegrowers and technicians and may cause annual estimated losses in Spain of around 600 million euros due to the need for replanting of highly affected or dead plants.
For this reason, the European Union, via the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Ministry of Agriculture, have decided to co-finance the Vitinnat project, a pioneering investigation that has taken on the challenge of how to eradicate vine trunk problems naturally.
Specifically, Vitinnat aims at the implementation of effective natural solutions for controlling grapevine trunk diseases, on their effect on the health of crops and their productivity, as well as on the quality of the grapes and the resulting wine.
Idai Nature is part of this supra-autonomic operating group the objective of which is to obtain a new, natural, effective and stable product that solves this problem, and one that is likely to be used in organic agriculture and helps reduce the use of chemically sourced active substances on vine crops.
The creation of this group formed by entities from Extremadura, Castile and Leon, the Community of Valencia and the Madrid Community has been made possible via the European Association for Innovation in agricultural productivity and sustainability (AEI-agri).