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11 de april – UPV

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“It’s not just us saying it. The results confirm it: the red palm weevil can be controlled without chemicals,” announced Carlos Ledó, founder of Idai Nature, an international leader in the development of natural agricultural solutions.

His claim is corroborated by the results that will be presented on April 11 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia on a day slated for the global presentation of the eco-friendly and definitive solution to the plague by Idai Nature’s Bioinsecticides Chair. This promises to be a day of vital importance to address a plague with effects worldwide.

Media from multiple continents and institutional representatives from different countries affected by this terrible plague are expected to turn out.

“We have all heard of the dangerous red palm weevil and suffered the serious damage it causes. Palm trees split and decay, which is why this event is so important,” concluded Carlos Ledó at the presentation of the event.

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