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The Valencian Company Idai Nature, which is dedicated to manufacturing agricultural products, intensifies its expansion plans. This company, that currently exports to 25 countries, bets on becoming the international reference for harvesting fruit and vegetables without chemical residues.

The CEO of the company, Carlos Ledó has announced the creation of a subsidiary office in the USA.  The company which has had the USDA ORGANIC certificate for many years permits the sale of its products in the USA and will have a new office in Houston. Ledó says that they decided to create a new office in order to give a direct response to the demand of its products in the North American market.

Apart from opening Idai Nature in the USA, this company does not rule out creating subsidiary offices in other countries along with Idai Nature Mexico, Idai Nature Algeria and Idai Naure Turkey.

In particular, it has new projects in different Asian countries in which following the global tendency to food safety, Idai Nature´s philosophy fits perfectly.

“We have made great advances in the last year introducing our products in international markets and we trust that this tendency will not only continue but will increase” Ledó emphasized during the presentation of the new subsidiary office.

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