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Today an Idai Nature delegation was welcomed by Her Majesty Queen Letizia at the Zarzuela Palace

(Madrid 05.09.17) HM Queen Letizia listened carefully to the presentation by Mr. Carlos Ledó, Managing Director of Idai Nature, who explained that his company’s value proposition is based on an innovative, natural technology that makes possible the cultivation of fruits and vegetables without chemical residues by employing natural solutions made from botanical extracts and minerals.

“We cure plants using other plants, without using chemical products, and without contaminating the environment, thereby making possible healthy and safe food for the population,” Ledó stressed.

During his presentation he discussed the raw materials used in their formulations, their effectiveness, and the products’ beneficial effects on the environment.

During his meeting with the Queen the man heading up Idai Nature underscored the importance of this kind of activity for the agriculture of today and tomorrow, as “soon it will be standard practice for supermarkets to indicate those foods that have been cultivated with pesticides, in order to warn the consumer,” stated Carlos Ledó.

With subsidiaries in Mexico, Turkey, Algeria and the US, the company exports its fertilisers to 31 countries, with foreign business representing 50% of its revenues. In addition to the aforementioned destinations, Italy, France, Morocco, Egypt, Iran and Chile are its most important markets.

Socially Committed

Idai Nature explained to Doña Letizia that, in addition to publicising the importance of consuming food without chemical residues worldwide, the company also engages in a large number of CSR projects, collaborating with environmental organisations, the Spanish Association Against Cancer, and the Healthy and Sustainable Foundation. It also provides financial support to an NGO operating in Senegal, and teaches local people to cultivate their gardens in a sustainable way.

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