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Conclusions from the Day: The Present and Future of Biopesticides in Agriculture, Organised by the Idai Nature – UPV Bioinsecticides Chair

  1. The indirect control of pests and diseases must be promoted through cultural practices, enriching and promoting biodiversity.
  1. The closer we can replicate the behaviour of nature, the easier it is to avert cultivation problems.
  1. There is a serious lack of regulations governing the products needed for ecological farming.
  1. Europe is leading the way towards sustainability.
  1. There is a lack of regulation governing biopesticides. These are low-risk substances and should not be subject to the same legislation as synthetic chemicals.
  1. There are more and more pests, and fewer tools in the face of ever-tougher regulations.
  1. There is no distinction between natural and manufactured substances, as everything has to be strictly controlled by administrations to ensure food security.
  1. Basic substances. Substances that do not produce toxicity or endocrine alterations. A dossier must be presented and the beta liberalised in the conditions established by the member state.
  1. Every product that is used in the field must be monitored by administrations, including those that elicit effects in plants that may help them to defend themselves.
  1. We are still waiting for the European Parliament to pass a law governing biostimulants.


Idai Nature-UPV Bioinsecticides Chair

The Idai Nature-UPV Bioinsecticides Chair at the Polytechnic University of Valencia’s Advanced Agricultural Engineering School was founded to carry out and promote research into botanical extracts featuring bio-insecticidal applications for pest prevention.

Idai Nature CEO Carlos Ledó described some of the Chair’s most important projects, such as pre-doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, and honours for final academic projects, papers, and idea contests.

The Chair also includes the implementation of research and development activities through chairs, such as the pursuit of joint lines of research and cooperation on research projects in Valencia and at the national and European levels.

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