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Idai Nature is the only company in its sector with Passihvaus certified offices

Idai Nature’s new offices merge pioneering energy efficiency and an unusual design that is sure to impress everyone who sees it.

“From agriculture to building, sustainability is the only way to solve the serious environmental crisis in which we find ourselves”, explains Carlos Ledó, Idai Nature’s CEO. That’s why it was decided that Idai Nature’s new facilities had to respond to the most demanding standard for sustainable construction in Europe: Passihvaus.

This futuristic building reduces energy consumption by 80% and CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere by 90% compared to a conventional building with the same characteristics.

In addition, smart air renewal, the incidence of sunlight and the use of natural and less polluting materials than conventional ones, help to prevent and reduce diseases and infections of the respiratory tract such as fibromyalgia or asthma.

Idai Nature, known internationally for its innovative capacity, manufactures natural solutions for completely sustainable agriculture.

“In the same way that we’re sure that, in the near future, supermarket shelves will only contain safe food, we know that this type of construction is the future of architecture”, Ledó concludes.

The project is a work by the Ruben Muedra architectural firm in Valencia in collaboration with the Passivhaus designer Isabel Sánchez.

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