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Best Agricultural Engineering records.

The Idai Nature-UPV Bioinsecticides Chair has issued its Awards for the Top Academic Records, a great honour for the students recognised, and an important incentive for the rest

The honours were bestowed during the forum that the Polytechnic University of Valencia’s Advanced Agricultural Engineering School holds on Sustainable Food. Professor of Agricultural Economics María Álvarez-Coque inaugurated the act before giving the floor to Vicente Domingo, Special Commissioner of Valencia World Capital of Sustainable Food 2017.

After remarks by Mr Domingo, the awards were issued to those students boasting the Best Academic Records studying for the Degree in Agrifood Engineering, or a Master’s in Agricultural Engineering, awarded by the Idai Nature Chair. Alberto San Bautista, Director of the EAMN; Salvador López Galarza, Director of the Idai Nature Chair; and Luis Vera, of Idai Nature, presented the awards to the students.

The Idai Nature Chair promotes a range of training activities, such as collaboration on Master’s degrees and other teaching activities, cooperation and the design and the execution of on-going training programs, pre-doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, awards for end-of-degree projects, papers and idea contests, conferences, seminars and workshops, support for internships at companies and institutions, and collaboration on training plans and visits to companies.

The Chair also facilitates the organisation of knowledge dissemination and transfer workshops, technical and technological seminars, and publications on topics of interest in the Chair’s field, in addition to promoting scientific events.

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