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Idai Nature, manufacturer of natural solutions for agriculture, has decided to create a research project in its “Cátedra” of BIOINSECTICIDES, exclusively dedicated to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Idai Nature has started the company #IdaiContigo to help Elvira Roda, the young Valencian girl affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity who suffered a severe worsening a few years ago, when fumigations took place in front of her house.

In this campaign the company has initiated a project in its “Cátedra” of BIOINSECTICIDES that is developed in the “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia”, which is exclusively dedicated to the investigation of the illness she has, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Idai Nature´s “Cátedra” focuses on the investigation of botanical extracts with bioinsecticide activity for plague treatment. That is why, the direction team has considered that this purpose fits perfectly with the investigation of an illness for which it is vital to have completely natural solutions.

After 12 years of being ill, Elvira Roda is still isolated without being able to hug or kiss her family, without being able to come close to anybody. “Idai Nature wants to, and can help her and that is why we have started this initiative,” explains Carlos Ledó, CEO at Idai Nature.

During her nine month stay in a clinic in the USA tests and analysis were carried out that showed a clear poisoning by pesticides. The doctors explained that pesticides are one of the main causes in the diagnosis of environmental illnesses like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a chronic, invalidating and multisystemic illness.

Moreover the company has engaged in helping her economically and donating Idai Nature products which are necessary for the crops around her house to avoid chemical residues.

Elvira Roda who is far from being a passive subject in her recuperation, is a girl who wants to live happily and well, and who wants to help and be part of society. She wants her case to help other sick people and so no-one has to reach the limit of isolation and loneliness through which she has gone. “What I most wish is to be able to help. To be useful and to collaborate. To share,” says Elvira.

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