Technology and nature united in the new image of Idai Nature

In its commitment to innovation and internationalization, a differential aspect of this company, Idai Nature renews its image while maintaining its essence, but incorporating a more technological approach.


The corporate image of Idai Nature has never experienced radical changes in its design, but it has been able to adapt to new times. This time the company goes one step further and updates one of its corporate colors. ‘We incorporate blue into our brand image because we want to make visible that, by joining the Rovensa Group, Idai Nature has further developed its technological potential,’ says Carlos Ledó, CEO of the company.

Navy blue thus becomes part of a company whose predominant color has always been green. ‘Green will continue to be a key color because respect and care for the environment is, and always will be a fundamental value for us, “explains Ledó.

In this way, Idai Nature maintains its nature while reinforcing itself with a more international and innovative image and aligning itself with the corporate image of its group. “One of the objectives of this change is to strengthen the link between Idai Nature and Rovensa, a union that has allowed us to grow and become stronger.”

So much so that, in addition, they have decided to incorporate at the bottom of their logo the legend ‘A Rovensa Company’ and the isotype of the group, and it is that since Idai Nature became part of this great group in 2018, it leads the Biocontrol unit with great success.

“The combination of blue and green, technology and nature, symbolize the mission that we share with our group: feeding the planet through innovative and safe solutions that allow balanced and sustainable agriculture,” concludes Ledó.

This new corporate image can already be found on its website and social networks. Packaging and labels of its more than 60 natural products will also be updated soon.

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