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Idai Nature commits to certified sustainable pallets

  • The Spanish company, which was named as the most sustainable European business by the European Commission last year, has been leading its sector in terms of sustainability for over a decade.

Idai Nature is a biotech company based in Valencia that specialises in agricultural biocontrol. As part of an ongoing commitment to shifting processes over to a more sustainable model, the company has decided to only use PEFC -certified pallets. This certification guarantees that the raw material used in pallet manufacture is wood taken from sustainable forests and that this timber is also managed sustainably. This is a new measure being adopted by the sector and other companies are sure to follow suit in the future.

Sustainability has been an essential factor for Idai Nature since the company was first set up. Including the Sustainable Development Goals in the company’s business strategy became a priority five years ago and steps are constantly being taken to meet that commitment to the United Nations.

Switching over to the new sustainable pallets will be a gradual process in order to avoid wasting those that are still in good condition. The company that makes these sustainable pallets is located only a few kilometres from the Idai Nature factories. This is yet another sustainability action, as partnering with local companies will reduce CO₂ emissions and also boost regional economic development. Making pallets from wood also leads to the largest reduction in atmospheric CO₂ emissions, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.


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