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The CEO of Idai Nature, Carlos Ledó will assist a meeting which the President of the USA, Barack Obama will hold with a small number of Spanish entrepreneur innovators , next Monday.

This encounter is the last important act which de US President will carry out on his official visit in Spain. The USA embassador in Spain, James Costos, has organised this meeting with the aim of highlighting the importance Obama gives to innovation and entrepreneurship which is a priority line in American external policy.

In the meeting topics about the current economical situation will be addressed along with improving proposals in the business and innovation fields, where Idai Nature has been chosen due to it being a national reference.

Idai Nature is a model of innovative and transverse businness which offers a globalized market, natural solutions for harvesting crops without chemical residues.

It is an honour for idai Nature that the President of the USA should take into consideration our Company when dealing with Spanish businesses.

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