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Idai Nature Becomes Participant Partner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

After more than 6 years committed to the SDGs, Idai Nature has stepped up to support the initiative as a collaborating partner involved in development actions.

Idai Nature, a Spanish biotech company that is part of the Rovensa Group since 2018, has been committed to the environment since its foundation more than 11 years ago, working towards sustainable growth. As proof of this commitment, the company was chosen as the 2020-2021 Most Sustainable Company in Europe by the European Commission.

After more than 5 years since officially becoming a signatory company to the Global Compact adopted in 2015 in which the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was signed, which includes an action plan for people, the planet, prosperity and universal peace, Idai Nature has stepped up to become a Participant Partner of this Agenda.

This new initiative aims to further increase Idai Nature’s commitment towards the goal of leading a new paradigm of action and collaboration with the United Nations in order to make visible the necessary actions private companies have to take to align their business strategies with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

About Idai Nature

Idai Nature ( is a Valencian biotech company founded in 2009 by Carlos Ledó specialized in the development and manufacture of microbial products and botanical extracts with biofungicidal, biobactericidal and/or bioinsecticide effect. Since 2018, it has been part of the Rovensa Business Group, leading its Agricultural Biocontrol unit.


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