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Idai Nature launches a new improved website to enhance customer experience

Nueva web Idai Nature

The biotech company has opted for a more technical profile on this new website to create a homogeneous image of the companies that make up the Biocontrol Unit of the Rovensa Group

Idai Nature has launched a new website that demonstrates the principle of continuous improvement applicable to all processes within the organization. This new portal aims to improve the user experience by offering tailored and specialized content for distributors and farmers that are committed to sustainable and natural solutions for agricultural biocontrol.

The launch of this new website is just one of the many changes the biocontrol unit of the Rovensa Group will experience. In order to convey a more coherent image, the recently incorporated companies, AgrichemBio and Grupo Agrotecnología, will update their websites following a similarlook&feel to strengthen the connection within the group companies.

“Conveying this coherent image through our corporate identities is a testament to the synergies between these three companies. With this upgrade, designed to improve usability, we want to send a message of growth, strength and unity from three expert companies that have joined forces to become leaders in the sector” explains Carlos Ledó, CEO of Idai Nature.

Establishing a strong image for the three companies that make up the Rovensa Group green unit was the starting point for the relaunch. Innovation, sustainability and continuous improvement are the driving forces behind this much-needed change to propel Idai Nature towards becoming one of the world’s leading biocontrol companies.

About Idai Nature

Idai Nature is a Spanish biotech company specialized in the development and manufacture of microbial products and innovative botanical extracts with biofungicidal, biobactericidal and/or bioinsecticidal effects. Since 2018, it has been part of the Rovensa Business Group, leading its Agricultural Biocontrol unit.

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