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Idai Nature, a company that manufactures unique natural solutions for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables free of chemical residues, today opened a new laboratory at its headquarters, which will allow it to expand its innovative capacity.

The inauguration was attended by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, who stressed that “Idai Nature is a fundamental part of the reputation of the Valencian Community, which needs to look towards the future with an eye on sustainability.”
The President also highlighted that Idai Nature is a company that Valencians are especially proud of, as it unites the primary sector, the most advanced technology, the new economy, and innovation.

The company’s management held a meeting with the President of the Generalitat, the Agriculture Councillor, and the Mayor of La Pobla de Vallbona, at which they addressed these issues and other key aspects of the Agriculture sector’s present and future.

During his speech the company’s CEO, Carlos Ledó, explained that Idai Nature conducts research into plant extracts and minerals with bio-insecticidal effects, to cure plants using plants. “We reclaim ancestral agricultural methods, applying today’s technology to them.”

The company has always made a major investment in technical and personnel resources for its laboratory. In fact, its R&D budget is five times greater than the average in its sector. Today they have taken a new step in this direction by inaugurating a new, completely revamped laboratory boasting the latest technology: “this major investment will allow us to expand our capacity for continuous innovation, to continue offering completely unique natural solutions for Agriculture,” Ledó stated.

Exponential Growth

The company’s national and international expansion are reflected in the large increase in its business volume. In the last two years its turnover has tripled, as it closed out 2016 with a figure of about 9 million. The company’s workforce has grown from 23 employees in 2013 to about 80 in 2016, and should surpass 100 next year.

In recent years the group has opened subsidiaries in Mexico, Algeria and Turkey, where it responds to demand in Africa and Russia. In October it also opened a subsidiary in the United States.

“Our greatest challenge is to transmit to everyone the importance of chemical-free agriculture, for our lives and for the environment,” concluded Ledó at the inauguration.

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