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Idai Nature, biotechnology company from Grupo Rovensa, announces today the acquisition of Agrichem Bio S.A, a company with over 40 years of experience especialised in the market of  biological protection products.

The integration of the company based in Madrid reinforces the biocontrol line, leaded by IdaiNature inside Grupo Rovensa, strengthened by this acquisition and thus positioning the company to lead the change in world’s agriculture through healthy and sustainable solutions for the environment.

Agrichem Bio was founded in 1976 and it has always characterized by introducing innovative products to the Spanish market, hence contributing to the modernization and technological capability in agriculture. Following such line of work, Agrichem Bio currently focuses on testing, registration and commercialization of bioprotection products, nutritional products and biostimulants.

Carlos Ledó, founder and CEO of IdaiNature and Biocontrol COO of  Grupo Rovensa commented: “We are very proud of the integration of Agrichem Bio in Grupo Rovensa. Agrichem Bio will continue its growth under the leadership of the founding family, associating with Grupo Rovensa in this ambitious challenge: changing the world’s agriculture. Agrichem Bio will maintain its independence inside our group biocontrol business unit. This operation will allow us to gain momentum to achieve our goal of being world leaders in biocontrol through sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions”.


In addition, Eric van Innis, Grupo Roventa CEO: “we have a common goal: strengthen the area of healthy and environmentally friendly agricultural solutions, which allows farmers to harvest more sustainable foods, both for human health and the environment, since they contain a lower chemical charge of synthesis. Rovensa will continue exploring new oportunities to complement the organic growth with acquisitions, with the end goal of feeding the planet with safe and healthy solutions in order to achieve a balanced and sustainable agriculture”.


The strategy that underlies Rovensa business group is being able to offer farmers comprehensive solutions to obtain quality and low toxicity profile pesticides, precision bioestimulants, specialized nutritional products and natural biological protection innocuous for the person applying it, the consumer and the environment.

Consultancy to IdaiNature in this operation has been provided by Borealis (Grupo Ifedes), Uría Menéndez and PWC. To AgrichemBio, by Anaford Asesores.

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