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  • This Company develops specific technology necessary for manufacturing its products.
  • Its natural solutions for agriculture are completely unique.The Company Idai Nature, manufacturer of natural solutions for harvesting fruit and vegetables without chemical residues, has received the PYME of the year award. These awards are given by The Spanish Confederacy of small and medium companies (CEPYME) and in the 2016 edition they have been given under the honorable presidency of the Spanish King and the Spanish President Mariano Rajoy.Carlos Ledó , CEO of the Company, has received the award and dedicated it to his team.” A team which makes the maximum effort each day because it believes in how important our activity is for our current and future society.”Idai Nature constantly investigates the mix of natural botanic extracts to elaborate bioinsecticide products which respect people’s health and our enviroment.” We work so that the entire society can buy at the supermarket, products without residues at the same price as those treated with phytosanitary chemicals,” says Ledó.This company was founded in 2009 and from that moment it has experienced great growth. It currently exports to thirty one countries and has subsidiaries in Mexico , Argelia , Turkey and the U.S.A.” In Idai we are sure that food safety and respect to our environment should be a priority for authorities and institutions from all over the world, “ Carlos Ledó emphasized.Idai Nature bets on I+D+i and constantly dedicates many technical and personal resources in investigation. It develops the necessary specific technology to manufacture its products, in this way its natural solutions for agriculture which are completely unique. This work has made this company a national and international reference of its sector.

    “This award proves that it is possible to achieve business success, under the premise of ethical values, like honesty, humility and constant work, well done,¨ said Ledó.

    The prestigious jury of these awards is composed of the main personalities of Spanish businesses.


    Antonio Garamendi Lecanda, President of Cepyme


    José Alberto González-Ruiz, general Secretary of Cepyme


    Pedro Barato Triguero, President of CEAT


    Ana Plaza Arregui, General Secretary of CEOE


    José Manuel de la Riva Zorrilla, President of Ametic


    Javier Vega de Seoane Azpilicueta, President of Círculo de Empresarios


    Iñígo Fernandez de Mesa, secretary of state of Economía y Apoyo a la Empresa del Ministerio de Economía


    Carmen Casero González, CEO of Trabajo Autónomo de la Economía Social y de la RSE


    Jesús Núñez Velázquez, President of the Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio


    M Begoña Cristeto Blasco, General Secretary of Industria y Pyme del Ministerio Industria Energía y Turismo


    María Luisa Poncela, General Secretary of Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad


    Olga Abad, Director of the Área de Empresas de Santander España. Banco Santander


    Rodrigo Martín Velayos, Executive President of Grupo Randstad


    Alberto Durán, Executive Vicepresident of the Fundación Once


    Antonio Cantalapiedra, CEO of España de Mytaxi


    Juan Mª Sainz Muñoz, CEO of Informa D&B


    Wilfredo Ramos, CEO of UPS España y Portugal

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