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The company Idai Nature travelled once again to Berlin to attend Fruit Logistica, the international fair of the fruits and vegetables sector, to share its innovations in fertilisers, biopesticides and biofungicides, which they produce using mixtures of all-natural raw materials.

At the Berlin fair Idai Nature’s technical team plans to hold business meetings and talks to share how its management model allows farmers to produce chemical-free foods, and without cost increases.

Company CEO Carlos Ledó explained that what makes Idai Nature’s solutions unique and profitable is the company’s commitment to research. “We have a laboratory and R&D team made up of chemists and agricultural engineers, all of them dedicated to research into botanical extracts having biofungicide and bioinsecticide effects.”

In addition, it has recently inaugurated a new laboratory at its central facilities, featuring latest-generation technology that will allow it to analyse a large number of plants, study in depth the active ingredients present in the extracts they use, identify which active ingredients are those that work, etc. All this will help them to concentrate their products much more, increase their efficiency, and reduce costs.

Through this effort Idai Nature has established itself as a national and international leader in the cultivation of chemical-free fruits and vegetables.

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