Idai Nature represents Spain at the European Environment Awards

The European Commission grants these awards to companies that successfully combine economic viability with environmental protection.

More than a hundred Spanish companies, from all the autonomous communities, have submitted this year their candidacy for the European Business Environment Awards. The jury has highlighted the quality of 25 companies to be winners in their national edition and, in addition, has selected twelve of them to be measured against the winners of the national sections of other European countries.

The Valencian biotechnology company Idai Nature is one of the 12 companies that are part of the European bid, which means that, together with Acciona or Heineken, Idai Nature will be one of the Spanish companies that represents Spain in these prestigious awards.

Idai Nature’s innovative natural technology, which allows the cultivation of safe and sustainable food, has led the jury to appreciate that this company is at the forefront of innovation with its natural solutions that allow farmers around the world to produce food. free of chemical residues. In addition, they have taken into account that it contributes significantly to the preservation of the environment and the protection of Biodiversity through balanced agriculture.

The Valencian company competes in the product and / or service category and the delivery ceremony is scheduled for next fall. The jury, made up of 16 members, is made up of renowned European personalities in the field of environment and business, as well as experts from the green technology sector and academia.

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