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Atlas Grand Prize for Exports: The initiative recognizes it as the Spanish company with the strongest growth in exports.

The company Idai Nature, specialized in innovative products for the cultivation of food without chemical residues, has received the Grand Prize for Exports at the Atlas Awards. These honors are issued by DHL, with support from Spain’s Chamber of Commerce and the ICEX (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade).

The Grand Prize for Exports, accepted by the Founder and CEO of Idai Nature Carlos Ledó, recognized the Valencian company as the Spanish SME that has most consolidated its external presence and increased its turnover thanks to sales abroad.

During the awards ceremony in Madrid Idai Nature received the award from Miguel Borras, General Director of DHL, and María Luisa Poncela, Secretary of State for Commerce, who underscored the great work done by Idai Nature abroad, which has allowed the company to become a worldwide leader in support for agroindustries and their efforts to produce fruits and vegetables without chemical waste.

The Valencian company Idai Nature, present in more than 30 countries, and with 4 subsidiaries, has recently implemented an international expansion model based on industrial franchising, the first coming in Ghana. In March the next one will open in Switzerland.

With strong participation, up 55% from the previous edition, and projects of the highest quality, the event was kicked off by Nicolás Mouze, Marketing Director of DHL Express Iberia, who stressed the success achieved in this edition: “these awards are the recognition of a job well done and aim to publicize success stories to encourage other companies to follow suit.

The awards’ panel of judges was made up of prestigious figures from the institutional and business worlds, such as María Luisa Poncela, Secretary of State for Commerce; Nicolás Mouze, from DHL Spain; Pablo Fernández, from the IESE Business School; Miguel Otero, from the Foro de Marcas Renombradas (Leading Brands of Spain Forum); Juan Miguel Márquez, from the ICEX; Alfredo Bonet, from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce; and José Luis Zimmermann, from ADigital.

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