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Idai Nature organizes a networking event to promote investments and exports between Spain and Mexico.
As a company, Idai Nature has promoted a business meeting to develop investment and cooperation between Valencia and Mexico in the agriculture field and the search for formulas to increase agricultural exports to the Latin American country.
At the meeting, held in the City of Arts and Sciences, the main representatives of the Spanish business and institutional agro-food environment and well-known Mexican entrepreneurs whose business and family holdings represent a turnover of over 600 million dollars annually attended.
The Spanish representation was composed of members of the Mexican embassy in Madrid, of PROMEXICO, of the Spanish university and representatives of the Valencian Government, the local authorities and the City council of Valencia.
In Mexico, the night of September 15 is a very special date as the independence of Mexico is celebrated. During the event, the 60 attendees enjoyed the networking event.

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