Idai Nature opens new offices in Brazil

The Spanish company specialized in agricultural biocontrol takes another step expanding its global presence, generating already 70% of sales abroad with three subsidiaries in Latin America.


Idai Nature, leader of the biocontrol business unit in the Rovensa Group, has opened the first subsidiary in Brazil, which will serve as a hub for the growing future presence in the country.

This new subsidiary consolidates and strengthens the company presence in America, where the Idai Nature USA and the Idai Nature Mexico subsidiaries are already established.

The biotech company, which offers to farmers globally innovative, natural solutions supporting top quality food safely and sustainability, aims to lead the global agricultural biocontrol market in the short term.

Carlos Ledó, Founder and CEO of Idai Nature, explains that ‘this is a key strategic move that will create an impetus to successfully continue with the global expansion plan of the company’ which, nowadays, has a presence in 40 countries, a number that, hopefully, will increase due to new strategic acquisitions that will be made public during the rest of the year.

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