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The Valencian company Idai Nature intensifies its expansion plans. Dedicated to R&D of natural solutions for agriculture, currently exports to more than 30 countries being an international reference for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables without chemical residues.

Carlos Ledó, CEO of the company, has announced the opening of a new subsidiary in Ghana under the name of IDAI SONGHAI, in order to respond to the high demand for its products in the African country. This company will be registered in Accra, capital and largest city of the country.

This way the range of Fertilizers of Idai Nature and the products of Idai Premium are reaching a market in which the plantations of cocoa, banana, watermelon, corn, etc. are the general tone.

In addition to the opening of this new delegation, the company does not preclude creating new branches in other countries that would be added to Idai Nature USA, Idai Nature Mexico, Idai Nature Algeria, and Idai Nature Turkey.

At the moment, there are currently running new projects in several Asian countries in which, following the global trend towards food security, the Idai Nature philosophy fits perfectly.

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