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 title=Fertilizer Certification (RD 824/2005) regulates the placing on the market of all those fertilizer products were hitherto considered outside the CE to comply with the minimum requirements of safety and security to consumers. Bureau Veritas Certification is currently the only accredited certifier to grant certification.

Fertilizer Standard requires manufacturers, packers and / or distributors to fulfill these requirements in terms of:

– Product Labeling
– Raw materials tailored to law
– Analytical raw materials and final product testing of declared wealth, levels of microorganisms and heavy metals
– Trained personnel to perform quality control
– Documentation: written procedures and records
– Packaging (where applicable), material used, and seals and destructible
– Official records in the case of fertilizers MO
– Traceability of products

All these requirements become verifiable points control audit by Bureau Veritas Certification, which will result in the issuance of the corresponding certificate.

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